Ehsaas Skill Development Program 2023

Ehsaas Skill Development Program

To help individuals develop their skills and learn new skills, the Prime Minister Ehsaas Skill Development Programwas launched in 2020. By participating in the program, participants will gain the skills they need to become more employable and participate in the workforce.

Various training centers, workshops, and internships facilitate the development of skills in business, engineering, healthcare, and information technology. This program seeks to bridge the gap between educational opportunities and employability in Pakistan by providing vocational training opportunities.

Through its partnership with financial institutions, the program provides eligible participants with loans and grants. Furthermore, Kamyab Jawan provides job placement assistance and mentorship networks to ensure participants can find employment once they complete the program.

Providing these tools to individuals enables them to succeed in today’s competitive labour market through the program.

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In an effort to develop skills and provide employment opportunities to young people, the Pakistani government launched the Ehsaas Skill Development Program. In order to improve young people’s economic prospects, this program provides them with the skills they need to secure good jobs.

Several trades are offered through this program, including IT, construction, beauty, and hospitality. People from all backgrounds can participate in the courses because they are practical, hands-on, and accessible. Stipends are provided during training; certificates are awarded after completion.

Ehsaas Skill Development Program Education

This program is not primarily an educational program, but is a vocational training program designed to develop marketable skills in young people. Under the program, participants are provided with hands-on experience for a particular trade or new skill over a short period of time.

Through this program, young people will receive practical training that helps them find jobs and improve their economic opportunities, not replace traditional education. The program also provides a stipend for training participants that can be used to cover living expenses and support their families, as well as a free laptop to each student.

Ehsaas skill development program qualification

The eligibility requirements and the specific courses or trades offered by the Ehsaas Skill Development Program determine whether you may enroll. The following criteria must be met by participants:

  1. Participants’ age: 18-35 is the typical age range for participants.
  2. Residents : Pakistani residents are typically required to participate.
  3. Educating: Most courses require participants to have at least a middle school education, although certain courses may require higher levels of education.
  4. Job status: Unemployed or underemployed participants are normally eligible, but career changers or skills upgraders may qualify as well.
  5. Ability to be physically fit: In order to participate in a course or trade, a participant has to be physically fit.

For the most up-to-date information, it is best to consult the relevant authorities since these criteria may change periodically. To determine your eligibility for a particular course, you should research the specific course you are interested in to determine if it has additional requirements.

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Ehsaas skill development certification programs

Certificates attest to the skills participants have acquired through the Prime Minister youth program. Participants can secure job opportunities in their chosen field with the certificate, which is recognized by employers. An educational certificate can improve the economic prospects of participants and add value to their resumes.

Participants should note that this certificate is not a guarantee of employment, but rather an indication of the skills and knowledge they have acquired during the program. To assist participants in finding employment after completing the certificate program, participants will receive career counseling and job placement assistance. Skills Development Programme

Ehsaas skill development program guidelines

As a result of a great deal of success in its first year, EHSAA’s skill development program details are continuing to grow. Online applications are accepted, and all applications are verified. Documentation of eligibility is required for applicants to be approved for admission.

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Accepted participants receive an email confirmation with information about checking their status in the system. In addition, participants will be able to view detailed information about the program, including workshop and internship options as well as financial aid. Applicants who are selected for training will receive training materials.

Individuals seeking to acquire new skills and obtain higher education have countless opportunities thanks to the EHSAS skill development program check status.

Verification guidelines for skill development technical education programs may be found Courses and trades offered under the EHSAAS vary. Participation in the program is subject to the following general guidelines:

  1. Process of application: To apply, you must complete and submit an application form with any supporting documentation required, including proof of age, residency, and education.
  2. Participant selection: Age, education, and employment status may be considered as factors in selecting participants.
  3. The training schedule is as follows: The training program must be completed full-time by participants and all coursework and assessments must be completed.
  4. Program stipend: During the program, participants may qualify for a stipend to cover living expenses.
  5. Participation : It is expected that participants will be punctual and attentive during the program.
  6. Professionalism and Respect: All program rules and regulations must be followed by participants.
  7. Coursework and Assessments: It is a requirement that all coursework and assessments be completed before the participant receives a certificate.

Ehsaas skill development program official website

https://navttc.gov.pk is the official website of the Ehsaas Skill navttc courses program. On this website, you can find out about the program, including what courses are offered, eligibility criteria, and how to apply. The website provides information and answers to questions about the program for anyone interested in participating.

You can also apply for the program online and find out about upcoming courses on the website. After completing the program, participants can also access job placement services and career counseling through the website.

Navttc certificate verification 14 Components

  1. Underprivileged individuals receive vocational training
  2. Beneficiaries’ employability is improved
  3. Technical training as well as non-technical training
  4. Enhancing individual economic well-being
  5. An initiative of the Pakistani government
  6. Poverty and unemployment in the country must be addressed
  7. Aims to improve well-being and economic opportunities.
  8. We offer training in high-income-generating and in-demand skills
  9. Assisting participants financially and providing stipends
  10. Cooperation with institutions of technical education and the private sector
  11. Monitoring and evaluating a robust program
  12. Taking into account the needs of marginalized and disadvantaged communities
  13. Employing participants in a sustainable manner
  14. Supporting the development of small businesses and entrepreneurship.

Ehsaas skill development program list

As part of the Ehsaas Skill Development Program, a number of navttc courses are available. The program offers the following courses and trades:

  1. Automotive technology
  2. Beauty and wellness
  3. Computer and IT
  4. Fashion design and tailoring
  5. Hospitality and tourism
  6. Leather technology
  7. Manufacturing and production
  8. Medical and health services
  9. Textile and weaving
  10. Agricultural technology
  11. Cooking and baking
  12. Electrical and electronics
  13. Handicrafts and artisanal work
  14. Home appliances repair
  15. Interior design and decoration
  16. Mechanics and maintenance
  17. Plumbing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  18. Renewable energy technology
  19. Welding and metal fabrication
  20. Woodworking and carpentry

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Ehsaas skill development program scholarship

Eligible participants of the ehsaas skill development program may be eligible to receive scholarships to cover tuition, materials, and other expenses related to the verification form. Financial need, academic merit, and other criteria are typically considered when awarding scholarships.

You may find out how to apply, what is eligible, and what other requirements you need to meet on the program’s official website (https://pmyp.gov.pk/pmyphome/SFA). For more information about scholarships, you can contact the program directly.

Ehsaas Skill Development Program cnic check online

You can verify your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) information and check the status of your application on the program’s official website check CNIC 8171. You can check your CNIC information and application status by logging into your account on the website.

You should contact the Ehsaas Skill Center if you need help with your CNIC information. For assistance, contact the Development Program directly. To verify your identity and process your application correctly, you may need to submit additional documentation or information.

For your program eligibility and progress tracking, your CNIC must contain accurate and current information.

Ehsaas skill development program helpline number

There should be a specific helpline number listed on the youth development program’s website (https://pmyp.gov.pk/). You can contact the program using the following methods:

  1. Send an email: Questions or concerns can be sent via email to https://pmyp.gov.pk/.
  2. Using the online form : On the program’s website, you can fill out an online form.
  3. In the mail: Here is the address where you can write to the program:

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Ehsaas Skill Development Program Help Desk

Prime Minister’s Office Constitution Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan

  • Phone Number 051 9203585
  • Email Address Complaint@pmyp.gov.pk

The youth development program in Pakistan can be contacted and assistance can be obtained by visiting the program and following the instructions. You will receive a prompt response from our staff.

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